Lale Çorumlu

First the private sector, then the municipalities. Then the adventure of starting my own company. Surveying in various terrains, working with tenders, working as a project manager. On the other hand, being a chartered surveyor, consulting in the judicial system.

Meanwhile, I have been pursuing my passions in the field of software and design. After accomplishing everything I wanted to as a survey engineer, I took a radical decision to change my career in order to realise my dreams. Now, I focus on software, web design and graphic design in the cybersecurity field.

After all, happiness and fulfilment come first.

What I Do?


I work with network penetration testing, web penetration testing, mobile penetration testing and social engineering. In addition, I closely follow the technologies related to information security and adapt them to my work.


I love to work on Python, Java, C#, Visual Basic, HTML, CSS and PHP. At the same time, I continue to learn something new every day.

Expert Surveyor

I work as a Survey Engineer expert under the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Turkey and submit files to the courts where I am assigned.